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Experience Rare Creativity

Our designers are like magicians. They will make you full of expectations, bring you to thrill and in the end, you will be amazed by the result. It is all about preparation, therefore they start every day with colors. A lot of magic is ready to charm you. Our specialties are modern, fresh, attractive and responsive web pages, unique logos, design manuals, identities and a lot of different designer pieces. Have an experience with our magic performance!

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Precise Coding

Can you smell it? Just like our programmers mix their coffee, they will provide you a mixture of the latest technologies into the right code for your use. Like a  dessert we serve web applications which is made to favour many of our customers. Here we go, the only thing left is to taste it.

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Open Communication

Our sales department never sleeps. We take care of our customers day and night. We find all our tasks challenging and come to meetings with our minds full of new inspiring ideas. We are always ready to discuss and answer all your questions with a  smile. We also need to ask a  lot to make sure you are happy with the results we come up with. We will do our best to make you feel more than satisfied with our unique solutions.


1. Analysis

Let us design the best for you. We precisely analyse your requirements and offer you our suitable solutions.


2. Price Offer

After analysing everything, we will send you the price offer. The prices depend on the technolgies we use and everything is based on your individual requirements.


3. Presentation

The next step is the presentation of proposals created by our designers. They will create solutions based on your requirements and discuss them with you. We can start up the project.


4. Realisation

Our programmers start to work hard on the project. Of course, you are not left out from the process when your project is starting to have the final look.


5. Delivery

Creative and unique. These two words describe the project that we are ready to deliver to you. And we are alrready looking forward to our next cooperation.

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We will check the last details and finally the project is done. Do you want some?

I want something nice
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Let us introduce ourselves

Let us invite you to the office of IT Emblem company. What you find inside is a young team of people who love their work. We keep ourselves updated about internet news and that is what makes our projects original and unique. Creativity and precise work are some of our strengths. You can either give us a call or send an email. We are looking forward to working with you.

Will you take our train? Write us not to miss it!

contact us
telefon ikona +91 8408838484
adresa ikona IT Emblem 284C, Raviraj Commercial Complex, Pune  411014 India Phone: +91 8408838484 Sales: +1 201-716-1905 Business Register
Terms & Conditions
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Let us know what your name is or the name of your company.

Provide us your phone number or email address.

For example – creating a  new web page, a company identity. Or you can just ask us how we are :-)

Your budget will help us reveal your expectations and our options.


We reply within 24 hours unless we are playing out with a kite :-)